Unique Methods and Technology

Swissmedendi SA is a young and dynamic company based and operating in Switzerland since 2013. It produces and markets proprietary medical devices as well as proprietary antimicrobial and corrosion inhibitor polymer granules.

Medical devices
Swissmedendi SA developed an exclusive vesicant and irritant drugs delivery which is used in the production of medical devices.
The company is currently focused on devices for cancer and other pathologies. Goal is to provide a safe and cost convenient infusion therapy which reduces risks and injuries related to chemical phlebitis.

Swissmedendi SA developed and produces different technical polymers that have been tested and certified. These polymers are the Corrosion Inhibitor Polymer and the Food Grade Natural Antimicrobial and Fungistatic Polymer. These polymers can be used in a broad range of applications ranging from food packaging to ferrous and non-ferrous metal conservation; personal care and medical devices etc…


Swissmedendi is focussed on unique technological solutions to improve quality of life, safety, well-being and sustainability.
Swissmedendi pays special attention and thorough commitment in the selection of raw materials and careful manufacture of their products.
Their goal is to develop innovative solutions tailored to customer requirements for complete satisfaction.
The team at Swissmedendi pride themselves with their attention to detail and their commitment to providing quality products promoting health, safety and sustainability.

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