Johannes Blatter graduated 1978 at the University Heidelberg / Mannheim and has a broad clinical experience in different Hospitals. He was graduated in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology / Oncology before he joined the pharmaceutical Company Eli Lilly in 1989. He hold hereby different positions and was a former Director for Oncology Europe and Near East. Dr. Blatter was responsible for developing and driving Lilly’s European clinical research and drug development strategies including commercialization strategies. He oversaw all kinds of clinical trial activities including clinical and regulatory strategies and development plans. After 21 years with Lilly oncology he resigned for a global Vice president position for Medical Affaires Erbitux. In total he has 25+ years of experience in medical research.

Since 2014 Dr. Blatter works for the Senior Expert Services, a German non-profit limited organization with development initiatives to support and strengthen the developmental commitment of the civil society. The Engagement Global principally provides its consultancy and qualification services. Herby he followed in 2014 and 2015 several assignments in different Hospitals in the provinces Henan and Shandong as a consultant with mainly educational and teaching objectives in Oncology.