Shahar Tsabari, M.D., presenting at CTI Invest

Zurich, Switzerland (March 11, 2014)

Shahar Tsabari, M.D., presents Swiss Medendi at CTI Invest on the Swiss Venture Day 2014. The Swiss Venture Day takes place in the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich, Switzerland.

About CTI Invest

CTI Invest is a private non-profit organization focused on the promotion of the Swiss venture landscape. Since its foundation in May 2003, CTI Invest has become the leading financing platform for Swiss high-tech start-up companies and the leading force in the professionalization of the Business Angels and Venture Capitalist scene in Switzerland. CTI Invest allows early and later stage start-up companies to present to the CTI Invest investor community. For more information on CTI Invest, please visit

About Swiss Medendi

Swiss Medendi SA is a Switzerland based start-up company offering a proprietary, cost-efficient and easy-to-use intravenous (IV) infusion device, the HC100, for safe administration of chemotherapeutics and other vesicant and irritant drugs – protecting patients’ veins and vessels from vesicant damages, and preventing patients from injuries and complications associated today with ports and catheters. Employing the HC100 will help hospitals to manage costs and enable doctors to focus more on their patients’ needs. For more information on Swiss Medendi, please visit


March 11, 2014