Shahar Tsabari, M.D., participates in the CTI MedTech Roundtable

Berne, Switzerland (August 27, 2013)

Shahar Tsabari, M.D., CEO and Chairman of Swiss Medendi, was invited by Innovation Promotion Agency CTI to participate in the CTI MedTech Roundtable. Together with young and senior entrepreneurs, Shahar Tsabari discussed how to develop and lead a company successfully.

About the CTI MedTech Roundtable

The CTI Medtech initiative has been part of the services of the Innovation Promotion Agency CTI since 1997, with more than 200 collaborative projects and 50 start-ups being supported by CTI in that time. This year’s Medtech Event will showcase successful projects, provide insights into current trends and share views and opinions about future developments in the field of medical technology. In addition, CTI Start-up Promotion invites young entrepreneurs of the Medtech Industry to an informal roundtable with senior entrepreneurs who will share their experience and answer questions about raising and leading a company successfully (participation by invitation only). For more information on the CTI MedTech Event, please visit

About Swiss Medendi

Swiss Medendi SA is a Switzerland based start-up company offering a proprietary, cost-efficient and easy-to-use intravenous (IV) infusion device, the HC100, for safe administration of chemotherapeutics and other vesicant and irritant drugs – protecting patients’ veins and vessels from vesicant damages, and preventing patients from injuries and complications associated today with ports and catheters. Employing the HC100 will help hospitals to manage costs and enable doctors to focus more on their patients’ needs. For more information on Swiss Medendi, please visit


August 27, 2013